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ABIMEI - Brazilian Association of Importers of Industrial Machinery and Equipment
Established in 2003, Brazilian Association of Importers of Industrial Machinery and Equipment with 76 associates encourage the development of technology in Brazil. ABIMEI which is located in São Paulo, supplies the needs when domestic manufacturers are not satisfied by customers.
AMAFOND - Italian Foundry Machinery and Products Association
AMAFOND is the Italian association of companies which produce machinery, plants, furnaces and products for the foundry industry. It was established in 1946, on the initiative of a group of important operators in this sector and at present comprises the most qualified companies specialized in foundry plants, foundry machines, melting and industrial furnaces, foundry products and foundry technologies and services.
AMT - Association of Spanish Manufactures of Accessories, Components Parts and Tools for Machine-Tools
AMT (Association of Spanish Manufacturer of Accessories, Components Parts and Tools for Machine Tools) is the represent of Spanish export companies and providing completed information about the exports in accessories, components, cutting tools and auxiliary equipment for machine tools.
ARA – American Rental Association
The American Rental Association (ARA) is a trade association of more than 7,200 rental business owners / manufacturers / suppliers of rental equipment throughout the United States, Canada and overseas countries. The core purpose of ARA is to promote the success of its members and increase the growth of the rental industry.
CII - Confederation of Indian Industry
The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is a non-government, not for profit industry managed organization, CII works to create and sustain an environment conducive to growth of industry of Indian and playing a proactive role in Indian development process.
EICMA - Eastern India Corrugated Box Manufacturers' Association
EICMA is an industrial association established in 1972 representing the interest of corrugated box manufacturers in West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand, Sikkim, Assam and other North Eastern States. The primary objective is to promoting a better business environment for Indian corrugated box manufacturers.
EUMABOIS - European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers
EUMABOIS is a non profit Federation grouping 13 national Associations representing the major European Manufacturers of machines and accessories for woodworking. Approximately 800 industrial companies, all member companies are engaged in the manufacturing of machines, plants and accessories for woodworking.
FMM - The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers
Established in 1968, the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) is Malaysia's premier economic organization and representing over 2,000 manufacturing and industrial service companies. FMM is always making Malaysian Industries more competitive.
GPCA - Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association
GPCA - Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association is a non-profit association providing all of its members with a lot of information, technical support and resources required by the petrochemicals and chemicals industry.
HKDFA – Hong Kong Diecasting & Foundry Association
Hong Kong Diecasting & Foundry Association has been established in July, 2008. It is the combination of Hong Kong Diecasting Association and Hong Kong Foundry Association which are experienced for more than 20 years. Also HKDFA is the only leading organization in the business. Please visit website for better understanding.
HMIF - Heilongjiang Provincial Machinery Industry Federation
The establishment of HMIF is based on Heilongjiang Province Machinery Industry Bureau. HMIF is the head organization of machinery industry in Heilongjiang. Also, HMIF plays an important role as the major bridge of communication between the government and the Heilongjiang machinery industry. Please visit the website for better understanding and further information.
IMF - The Institute of Metal Finishing
The Institute of Metal Finishing is internationally recognized for its expertise in all aspects of surface finishing, surface engineering, plating and coating. Contact the IMF for advice on technical, scientific, education or training issues regarding electroplating, painting, anodising and all other specialist surface finishing processes.
IMH - Machine Tool Institute
Established in 1991, the IMH belongs to AFM Group which is the association of machine tool manufacturers. Located in Elgoibar, Spain, The IMH (Machine Tool Institute) is a centre for Innovative Technological Training and develops advanced management and organizational of educational centers.
ITA - International Tube Association
The International Tube Association (ITA) is the leading and well recognized personal membership association for the tube and pipe industries. The ITA also offers a unique range of benefits, services and to promote new technology and growth within our industry. Please visit website for better understanding.
IWMA - International Wire & Machinery Association
The International Wire & Machinery Association (IWMA) is the well known organization for wire and machinery. Over 300 member companies in more than 50 countries worldwide have already discovered the world of difference IWMA membership can make to their business. Please visit the website for better understanding and further information.
KIMI - Korea Industrial Marketing Institute
KIMI works for industrial education, publication of marketing materials, and organization of trade shows including comprehensive consulting service. We are composed by specialists who worked for Korea Productivity Center and Korea Management Association as consultants for a number of years. Our missions are to apply trade information systematically, to improve overseas marketing environment, to enhance export business of small and medium enterprises and to support companies with inspiring development volition of new technology.
KOTMA - Korea Textile Machinery Association
Korea Textile Machinery Association launched in 1990. The objects of association to assist the development of textile industry, pursuit of mutual interest and cooperation and contribution to the nations & economic development. The Internet offers dramatic opportunities for us to exchange information and respond rapidly to industry challenges. We hope this site will be a wonderful help for your business.
LIAS - Landscape Industry Association (Singapore)
LIAS has been incorporated since 2001 and it is formerly known as LCAS. It provides a square for members to expand the trade opportunities. The mission of LIAS is to develop and promote professionalism and quality in landscape products. Providing service to fulfill Singapore's vision to be a City in a Garden.
PLEXCONCIL - The Plastics Export Promotion Council
PLEXCONCIL sponsored by The Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Commerce, Government of India, represents the exporting community in the Indian Plastics industry. PLEXCONCIL is committed to act as a gateway to trade partner from the Indian plastics industry for overseas buyers and investors.
PMAI - Philippine Metalcasting Association, Inc.
Philippine Metalcasting Association Inc.(PMAI) is the national association that represents the Metalcasting Sector. It was founded in 1958, providing technical and laboratory assistance to the educational and training facility and the industry for budding foundry men and patternmarkers.
PMAS - Print and Media Association of Singapore
The Print and Media Association, Singapore (PMAS) has been founded by a group of visionary businessmen in the printing industry since 1936 with the purpose of providing co-operation and leadership to the industry. PMAS supplies various services to assist the people working in the printing, media and allied trades such as training, seminars, recruitment and international marketing contacts. The PMAS is the national representative body for the printing and allied trades in Singapore.
SIAA - Singapore industrial automation association
The Singapore Industrial Automation Association has been the vanguard of the automation movement since 1982, actively involved in promoting applications of industrial automation to enhance the competitiveness of Singapore businesses and products. It strives to be an excellent industry association linking vendors with end-users, Government bodies and Applied Research Institutes supported on three pillars of core service in the Area of Business, Information and Technology. Singapore’s Industrial Automation Industry is blessed with a strong entrepreneurial base, a highly skilled and cost-competitive workforce and with world-class capabilities in business management, technology, and innovation. The members of SIAA have a proven track record in technology innovation studies and educational accreditation. As part of Singapore Economic Development Board’s National Automation Master Plan, SIAA has also been identified as the vanguard of the automation industry, tasked to promote the development and application of automation business locally and overseas. SIAA is the advocator of M2M (machine to machine) initiative, which increases productivity in industries through the application of M2M and Automation technologies.
TEMCA - Thai Electrical & Mechanical Contractors Association
TEMCA has taken part in improving the standards and the ethics of the business involved in engineering and installation practices in Thailand, The encouragement for the better standard of engineering practices for all the engineering system works is also the part of the Association's main objective.
VINPAS - Vietnam Packaging Association
Established in 2001, VIETNAM PACKAGING ASSOCIATION (VINPAS) has provided product, sale, management and technology about Packaging for members. It is not an official organization in Vietnam and always offering the best cooperation and development for members.